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Sterilized Grain Bag with Injection Port

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SporeAttic is proud to announce that sterilized grain bags are now in stock with shipping to all 50 US states to fulfill all of your mushroom needs with the freedom to choose your genetics. Each bag includes a hydrated, nutrient-rich blend of wheat, barley, and oats with a self-healing injection port, and a micron filter patch to prevent contamination while promoting the ideal gas exchange to keep your mycelium healthy and strong. 



SporeAttic's grain spawn is sterilized in a commercial pressure cooker at 15 PSI for 3 hours to completely eliminate all microorganisms and bacteria, creating the ideal environment for mycelium to thrive. 


What You'll Get:

  • A 3.75lb Sterilized Grain Spawn bag with:
    • 0.2 Micron Filter Patch
    • Self-Healing Injection Port
  • *Liquid Culture not included


    How to Use:

    • Using sterile technique (gloves and mask recommended) in a still-air environment or in front of a fume hood, carefully clean your work space and the injection port with isopropyl alcohol. 
    • Prepare your spore syringe by attaching the needle, then flame sterilize and allow to cool. 
    • Inject 3-5cc of liquid culture into the bag's injection port - more or less will only affect colonization times, but too much can impact the moisture content and hinder growth.
    • Gently pull apart the top of the bag to allow air exchange through the micron filter patch.
    • Store the bag in a warm, dark place at around 70-78 degrees Fahrenheit.
    • After a few weeks, healthy mycelium will slowly spread its white networks through your grain. *Optional* At this stage, gently crumbling the block to spread out the mycelium can speed up colonization times. 
    • Once fully covered, the bag is colonized and ready for substrate.  


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