Our Team

Benjamin Deuling graduated from Montana State University in 2020 with his master's degree in Microbiology, and is the owner and founder of SporeAttic. 



Becca Finch joined our team in early 2021 as our Farm Manager and was SporeAttic's first full time employee. Since Becca started, we've grown the farm to around 3X the production capacity we were at without her. The reality is, Becca runs this farm more than anyone else, and she knows it. 


Laura Thompson joined our team this April as our Assistant Farm Manager. Laura has a background as a lab technician, and in restaurant management. Laura is brand new to the team but is picking up mushroom farming faster than we've ever seen anyone else. She has already pulled us out of a few binds, and we're stoked to see how she grows with the company over time.  


Seth Carlisle joined our team as The Mushroom Muse in May 2022 after building our website (for free) as his senior project at Jake Jabs College of Business. With a background in online sales and entrepreneurship, Seth has helped develop our dehydrated mushroom product line while managing our website and online inventory, and we cannot wait to see where it takes us!


Kristen Smith is our Executive Virtual Assistant, and helps us manage all of the back-end work that goes into running a small-business. Kristen joined the team about a year ago and has contributed Immensely by keeping the company on track and organized, as well as helping keep us all sane! 




Josh and Rachael Hicks, the owners of Three Hearts Farm, have partnered with SporeAttic to provide a space for us to startup this venture. Not only that, but these folks helped build our cultivation facility from scratch on their land! The Hicks family have become incredible teachers, mentors, and friends of ours, and have provided us with this wonderful opportunity to bring gourmet mushrooms to Gallatin Valley.