At SporeAttic, we know mushroom farming is an exciting and daunting task. Whether you're looking to grow mushrooms as a hobby grower or you want to start a mushroom farm, we want to help you get started. SporeAttic's founder, Benjamin Deuling, started this business in 2020 after graduating with a master's degree in microbiology, and like many other mushroom farmers he started small using some spare storage space in his apartment back in 2019 on a pretty non-existent budget. Three years later, we have a fully functional mushroom farm and are pumping out between 300-500lbs/week,  
Armed with the technical knowledge and experience at every stage of the startup process, Ben Deuling can help you find your path in the wonderful world of mushroom farming. 
Please contact us to see if a consultation or mentorship would be fitting for your situation and we'll go from there! 
**Please, no inquiries about medicinal mushrooms... We stay out of that conversation entirely. 
  • Consultation: $200/hr (3 hour minimum) 
  • Mentorship (in person): 3 day intensive (15-20 hours) / $1,000 (does not include food or lodging)